How it works: Risk Based Feedback Control


A continuous feedback process: our risk-based surveillance keeps you informed of the rate of COVID infections and viral spread in your organization.

Daily Saliva-based Testing: Each day we provide a list of people who should come to a collection site and provide a painless saliva sample.

Lab-designed Sample Pooling: Based on the data from the last few days to weeks, we optimally pool samples together in the lab for testing, keeping costs low, and turnaround short.


Advanced Data Analytics: We divide your organization into groups based on the overall risk of infection and provide you daily updated lists. People in the High Risk group have a high proportion of infected individuals, should be quarantined, and can be followed up cost-effectively with individualized testing. The Medium Risk group has a moderate risk of infection and can be temporarily reassigned or modified in their activities to reduce contact with others until further information becomes available at their next test, or through individual testing. Medium Risk group members are called back more quickly for their next test, to help limit uncertainty. The Low Risk group has a rate of infection below the estimated level in the general population, and can be assigned to normal duties, or substitute for people in the Medium or High risk groups where appropriate.


Customizable Reports: Based on our data analysis and your organizations particular needs, additional reports can be generated, providing risk analysis for particular groups to answer your unique questions.


Short Term Predictions: Based on the level of infection in your organization, we estimate growth of infection 7 days ahead under different scenarios, providing you with an ability to see the range of effects that your mitigation strategies might be expected to have.


Continuous Repetition: Over a period of just a few days your entire organization will be tested, ensuring that no matter when anyone is infected they will be included in tests within a few days of onset and detected quickly enough to dramatically limit the chance they spread the virus to others.


Exponential Decay: With rapid repeated testing and response, viral infections will tend to decrease rapidly in your organization through time. Work becomes safer, clients are more confident, and your organization can thrive.